Dawson Trail Riding

Marcel Broesky

Marcel Broesky, Green Party of Manitoba Candidate in Dawson Trail, is standing to serve his community by providing a Green choice on the ballot this fall.

With his belief in the people focused, collaborative approaches of Green policies needed for addressing the climate emergency we are in, Marcel offers skills honed in his 27 year career as an IT professional.

Risk management & disaster recovery planning are skills increasingly needed which Marcel offers, along with his team development, mentorship and leadership abilities.  Marcel believes his skills compliment the Citizen Assembly approach to community problem solving Greens endorse, so needed for collaborative planning in today’s realities.

Marcel enjoys life in the solar powered home he built in Dawson Trail.  Whether it is volunteering for garbage cleanups at Reynolds Pond or with drop-in centres or the Two Rivers Senior centre, Marcel welcomes opportunities for teamwork and learning and asks his neighbours to consider its time for a Green policies and a strong Green vote in Dawson Trail