YOUR Voice for Health, Ecology, Fairness, and Care!

The time has come for a new voice in the Manitoba Legislature.

A voice that is aware of the interdependence of our social systems, our environment, and our economy and what it takes to build a sustainable, self-sufficient, and ethical society.

A voice that is ready to listen and respond to the needs of all beings and work across party lines to ensure nobody is left behind.

Janine G Gibson and the Green Party are that voice.

We are ready to change the status quo of Manitoba politics for the better.

The Team for a Green Manitoba

Being Green is all about teamwork.

Participatory Democracy is a central value of Green Parties around the world, so Greens know the importance of consultation, discussion, and seeking consensus.

It’s the approach our province needs in the Legislature – MLAs who know how to work with each other both within their party and across party lines, ready to stand up, speak up, debate, and compromise to build a better Manitoba.

Green candidates are good neighbours, active listeners, and strong negotiators, and staunch advocates for the issues important to them and their community.

Help us build a better Manitoba and Elect your green Candidate on October 3rd.

A New Kind of Leadership

Government in Manitoba isn’t working as intended.

Instead of working to build a happy society, a healthy environment, and a sustainable economy, career politicians drive our province into debt to cater to the wealthy few, while life for everyone else becomes less affordable and the climate gets hotter and less predictable.

Janine G Gibson is a new type of leader – and exactly the sort Manitoba needs.

As an Organic Inspector and member of a Co-Op farm, Janine lives by the organic values of Health, Ecology, Fairness, and Care and knows the approach to lead Manitoba to a healthier, happier, more collaborative future.

Find Your Riding & Candidate

Not sure what riding you are in or who your candidate is? Find everything you need to know right here, including each candidates profile and contact information.