Fort Garry Riding

Aaron Kowal

Aaron is a University of Winnipeg graduate, having studied Psychology and Biological Sciences. A millennial, Aaron has lived and worked in and around the Fort Garry community his entire life. He has also had the opportunity to travel extensively, and has seen firsthand the effects of both good and bad ecological, economic & social policies.


“It is essential that we, as a nation and a province, begin shifting our focus to proactive, sustainable policy-making. Green initiatives are the inevitable way of the future, and the sooner our governments embrace these initiatives, the more Manitobans can ultimately benefit from them. As a resident and as a voter, I am tired of watching the decline in quality of life here in MB, and I am prepared to bring a bold, progressive voice to the legislature on behalf of our community.”


Aaron and the Greens are working together for Health, Ecology, Fairness, and Care in our Province, and for a brighter future for all Manitobans. This means taking real action on the climate emergency, taking a new, upstream approach to public health, tackling affordability with a guaranteed liveable income, and modernizing our democracy with proportional representation and other electoral reforms. 


For a Better Tomorrow, Vote for Aaron Kowal and the Green Party of Manitoba on October 3rd.