Government That Works

Greens want to do politics differently. We will work to build confidence in our government by putting the needs of Manitobans first and insisting that government be held to account by strong, independent oversight. 

The primary role of government is to work collaboratively to find the best solutions to the critical issues we are facing. Manitobans want the government to operate with genuine openness and transparency, putting the concerns of ordinary people ahead of partisan political interests. 

Currently, Manitoba’s winner-take-all voting system allows political parties to govern with a majority without having won a majority of the votes. This is not fair to the majority of the voters and is not how representative government should work. We believe that a proportional representation voting system will give every vote more meaning and result in a more representative and accountable legislature. 

We also seek to strengthen democracy in Manitoba through increased accountability measures, greater citizen participation between elections, and greater fairness and stability regarding elections. 

To create a true Government for the People, the Green Party of Manitoba will:

Introduce proportional representation and greater MLA prerogative
  • Implement a mixed-member proportional electoral system that is more representative and accountable to the people of Manitoba
  • Allow for more “free votes” in the Legislature so that MLAs can more directly represent the wishes and views of their constituents 
  • Enact measures to ensure that private members bills receive full consideration in the legislative process
Introduce greater consultation and accountability between elections
  • Require the premier, within each twelve month period following the forming of government, to hold at least two town hall meetings
  • Require each government department, within each twelve month period following the forming of the department, to hold at least one public forum to explain and answer questions regarding its major initiatives
  • Only implement significant new public programs or legislation/regulations after first undertaking meaningful public consultation
Increase youth participation in the democratic process
  • Encourage the youth vote through creating more meaningful opportunities for youth to participate in the democratic process, through social media campaigns, and through making the opportunity to vote as accessible as possible to those who vote for the first time
  • Lower the voting age to 16
Respect fixed terms and election dates
  • Respect existing legislation that sets the term of the governing party at four years, with the date of the election occurring upon the completion of the four years, unless the government falls in a non-confidence vote
Ensure greater respect by Members of the Legislative Assembly for the legislative process
  • Require Green Party of Manitoba members of the Legislature to model a more respectful presence during legislative processes
  • Propose that the Legislature adopt tougher sanctions, to be administered by the Speaker, for disrespectful and unduly disruptive behaviour
Ensure greater fiscally responsible and accountable government
  • Require the public release of a full costing of all significant new government initiatives before they are implemented
  • Only undertake significant new public expenditures or taxation measures after first undertaking meaningful public consultation
  • Require that reasons for not implementing recommendations submitted by the Office of the Auditor General be made public on a timely basis