An Economy for the People and the Planet

The Green Party of Manitoba believes that the economy must work for everyone, including future generations. Manitobans want to embrace a clean, green economy without delay, one that will lead us into the very realistic, carbon-free future. 

Greens believe in divesting from projects related to fossil fuels. We have seen across the world that when money is invested in alternative transportation systems and renewable energy, more jobs are created, household costs are reduced, and overall pollution is minimized. It truly is a win for everyone.

Greens believe in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those who ensure social, environmental, and economic benefits. We recognize that a healthy small business community means more jobs, more diversity, and more resilient communities. Greens also support the development of alternative business structures, such as social enterprises and community economic development. We understand that these community organizations emerge to meet local needs, and that they are a valuable part of a healthy economy and healthy communities.

The green economy thrives on meaningful citizen participation, promotes community involvement and does not accept poverty or social exclusion. It minimizes and re-purposes waste, uses resources efficiently, and protects natural ecosystems. It looks for solutions which create good jobs, reduce household costs, reduce pollution and build a safe, healthy future for our children and grandchildren.

To ensure an economy that works for everyone, the Green Party of Manitoba will:

Transition our economy away from harmful industries
  • Stop subsidizing dangerous and polluting industries with public money and lax environmental standards
  • Transition our economy away from reliance on the use of fossil fuels
  • Offer support to businesses interested in making the transition to renewable energy
Hold polluters accountable
  • Ensure that polluters pay by introducing a fee on a broad range of fossil fuels that will rise each year. This strategy will encourage behavioral change, and provide revenues to be used in transitioning to a carbon-free economy
Integrate environmental and social accountability in all economic processes
  • Undertake measures intended to ensure that all economic activity and its impact are both ecologically sustainable and socially just
  • Undertake actions to replace jobs lost during the transition away from fossil fuels with a larger amount of better, long-term employment opportunities with more social and environmental benefits
  • Develop and use a “quality of life” measurement of the impact of economic activity in addition to continuing to measuring and reporting on changes to the provincial Gross Domestic Product
Prioritize the well-being and fundamental rights of workers
  • Encourage collective bargaining as a fundamental human right, and respect collective bargaining agreements
  • Implement a 35 hour work week to promote work/life balance and protect the health and well-being of workers
  • Ensure that farm employees receive the same protections as in any other industry, including employment, labour, safety and workers’ compensation protection
  • Ensure rights and protections for front line health care and support workers
Localize the economy
  • Make local industry a priority by encouraging trade that is sensible, sustainable, and ultimately beneficial to Manitobans
  • Support and invest in small Manitoban companies producing goods for local markets by directing government assistance toward smaller businesses, especially new and young independent entrepreneurs
  • Support and invest in community economic development initiatives