Addressing the Climate Crisis

We stand at a moment of crisis. The latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have stated in no uncertain terms that we must act immediately if we are to have any chance at mitigating the worst effects of climate change. 

Manitobans want to embrace a clean, green economy without delay, with realistic planning decisions that prepare us for the carbon-free future. They are looking for a party they can trust to take action.

The Green Party of Manitoba is that Party. 

Manitoba’s Green Party has been unwavering in its pursuit of climate change action while other parties have done nothing. We are ready to act. The coming crisis will affect every aspect of our daily lives. Our strategies, therefore,are integrated into every area of our platform. With these policies, we seek to promote a shift in consciousness and guide Manitobans towards practices that promote the flourishing of people as well as the planet.

Through innovative policy, Manitoba can be positioned for an energy future that is robust, sustainable, clean and affordable. The Green Party of Manitoba believes that we must put the programs in place that embrace this future today. 

In order to address the climate crisis, the Green Party of Manitoba will:

Create greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Create greenhouse gas reductions to be achieved by 2030, 2040, 2045 and 2050, taking into consideration input from stakeholders and the public
  • Incorporate climate targets into budget reporting to ensure that climate policy goals and budget policy goals work together
Put a price on pollution
  • Introduce a pollution fee of $50 per tonne in 2020 which would increase by $10 per tonne per year after that
  • Use the revenue generated to reduce taxes and to support the Made-in-Manitoba Climate & Green Fund to pursue initiatives that will reduce emissions here in Manitoba
  • Provide a fully transparent and public annual accounting of revenues and expenditures for this initiative
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing green initiatives across all sectors
  • Support the transition away from fossil fuels by investing in Green energy, transportation and agriculture
  • Protect and manage our natural ecosystems in ways that reduce overall emissions
Strengthen industry regulations and support sustainable commercial development
  • Only support commercial development and operations that demonstrate a strong commitment to preserving and protecting ecosystems
  • Strengthen and enforce regulations that serve to stop pollution from all sources, with a focus on mining and fossil fuel operations
Improve the Made-in-Manitoba Climate & Green Fund and the Expert Advisory Council
  • Refocus the priority of the Made-in-Manitoba Climate & Green Fund on funding climate mitigation and adaptation measures
  • Provide the Expert Advisory Council with specific year-end greenhouse gas reduction targets to achieve
  • Ensure that the advisory council develops the most cost effective measures to achieve year-end targets
  • Require the advisory council to release a report every second year on the progress being made to reach the targets that have been set