WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM) announced at its Annual General Meeting today that Janine G. Gibson (she/her) has been elected the Party’s new Leader. 


Voting took place online from March 13th to 26th, and used a Condorcet Ranked-Pairs ballot, in which Janine received a majority of higher-preference votes against all other candidates. Turnout in the Election was 54%.


“I am excited and humbled at the confidence expressed in my leadership during these challenging times,” said Gibson in response to her victory, who now the GPM’s first new elected leader since 2008, when Leader of 15 years James Beddome was elected for the first time. “I have Much gratitude to James for his dedication and perseverance as a model for us all. I very much appreciate the dedicated volunteers with our GPM and plan to work as diligently to build membership and ensure we Greens are on the 2023 ballot in every Electoral District across Manitoba!” she continued.


Janine G Gibson is a seasoned Green candidate who has run four times for MLA and is planning to run again in LaVerendrye. As an Agriculture Consultant, Gibson works to shift farms and industry toward true sustainability. 


“I’m delighted that our membership has chosen Janine as our new Leader,” said Dennis Bayomi [Bay-oh-mee](he/him). Who placed second in the Leadership Contest and had previously given his endorsement to Gibson. “With a veteran activist and eloquent spokesperson at the helm, along with an energetic leadership team and enthusiastic Council, I see nothing but good things ahead for our Party.” continued Bayomi.


In accepting her position, Gibson announced her intent to appoint all of her 3 competitors for Leader to offices as Deputy Leaders and Shadow Ministers.


“I’m excited to have Janine leading the GPM,” said Nicolas Geddert (he/him). “I look forward to growing under her leadership, building on the work we’ve done, and encouragement for the work that is yet to come.”

The AGM also saw the Election of a new Council for the GPM, with Dennis Bayomi as President, Dan Yarema as Treasurer, Pearson Singbeil Montgomery as Secretary, Laura Potts as Membership Coordinator, Devlin Hinchey as Election Readiness Coordinator, Saara Murnick as Northern Representative, Blair Mahaffy as South-Eastern Representative, and Nicolas Geddert as Winnipeg Representative. Donovan McIntosh will continue as co-Youth Representative until the Manitoba Young Greens hold elections this spring.


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