November 21, 2015: Some of the participants in the 2015 AGM of the Green Party of Manitoba.

November 21, 2015: Members voted to approve a wide range of innovative policies at the 2015 AGM of the Green Party of Manitoba.

Green Party members demonstrated at November’s annual general meeting that Greens lead the way on justice and sustainability. Members approved policies on everything from guaranteed basic income, investment in green infrastructure, a carbon tax, revamped child protection policies, simple and effective flood protection measures.

“Enthusiastic and researched-based policy discussions give Greens the foundation for an innovative, forward-thinking platform for Manitoba’s election in 2016,” said Party leader James Beddome.

Policy highlights include:

  • Reducing poverty by 35% with guaranteed basic income to be funded through income tax reform.
  • Real action on climate targets using a carbon tax for significant reduction of fossil fuel use. Carbon tax revenue will fund green infrastructure, clean transportation, supports for local business, home insulation grants, and a rebate to help Manitoba households make green choices.
  • Community-based child protection with more Child and Family Services workers and better training.
  • Flood reduction measures with incentives for farmers to increase the amount of water-retaining wetlands.
  • No to the Energy East pipeline project, soon to be obsolete as the world weans itself off of fossil fuels.
  • An end to regressive school levies on property tax, switching education support to the more progressive income tax system.

“Details of the Green platform will be released in the coming months” said Beddome. “The Green Party creates incentives for Manitobans to do their part in creating a sustainable green economy.”