The Green Party of Manitoba denounces the response of the Manitoba PC’s and the comments by the Premier Heather Stefanson. The Premier’s comments using a high school hockey game as a shield, were in particular insensitive, irresponsible, and indefensible. Sadly this kind of response is not surprising from the PC party. Their attempt to save the appearance of leadership with deflection, obfuscation and other cheap tactics is a signal of poor governance. 

This blatant display of privilege over responsibility is intolerable in any public institution and unfortunately continues to be the status quo for this Government. Its failures of leadership, failures of responsibility, tight-lipidness, and lack of genuine concern for the well-being of Manitobans, is jeopardizing real progress in our province. 

Krystal Mousseau deserves better, her family deserves better, and Manitobans deserve better.