WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – The Green Party of Manitoba officially launched its Leadership Contest today with the Announcement that the applications of four members have been approved to move on to the next phase of the campaign.

The Approved Applicants (in random order) are as follows:

Dennis Bayomi (he/him) of Winnipeg,
Donovan McIntosh (they/them) of Winnipeg,
Janine G Gibson (she/her) of Steinbach, and
Nicolas Geddert (he/him) of Winnipeg.

More information about the Candidates, including their official photos, bios, and campaign contact information, are set to be released to GPM Members and the media on Wednesday 25 January 2023.

The Candidates now enter a probation period lasting until 08 February 2023 during which the candidates must officially register with Elections Manitoba, Pay a $200 Entrance fee to the party, and pass the GPMs candidate vetting procedures, after which they will become official contestants to appear on the Ballot.

In early-to-late February, Official Contestants will be given the opportunity to participate in a Press Conference and a Leadership Debate, with dates to be determined pending availability.

Members who Join the GPM before 24 February 2023 will vote to elect the next leader of the GPM online or by mail from the 13 to the 23 of March 2023, using a condorcet ranked-pairs ballot.

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Media Personnel can access documents related to the Leadership Contest including the Rules and Timeline from our shared google drive folder at:

For inquiries, please contact:

Leadership Contest Committee