James Beddome, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba

James Beddome, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba

Winnipeg, April 5, 2016 – Manitoba Green Party leader James Beddome unveiled his party’s platform, one which he said would support economic growth, poverty eradication and sustainable environmental practices.

“In this election we are offering the people of Manitoba bold ideas,” Beddome said. “We aim to eradicate poverty while promoting green economic development and environmental protection. The challenges that confront Manitobans are great and they demand equally great responses if we are to meet our responsibilities to this and future generations.”

Beddome said the Green Platform contained proposals which promise to

  • cut poverty rates in half, virtually ending child and elder poverty in Manitoba with a Guaranteed Annual Income;
  • create green jobs, while at the same time protecting our waterways and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • invest in Manitoba’s children
  • fund the promotion of healthful living

“Transitioning to a carbon free economy should be the goal of every government,” said Beddome. “This transition is a priority for Greens; it is the right thing to do environmentally and it offers tremendous economic opportunities.”

Beddome said the Green Platform 2016 presents Manitobans with “an exciting vision of what forward thinking Manitobans can accomplish.” The platform includes

  • investments in industries that would help to green the economy, including mass transit, building retrofits, smart grid technology, wind and solar energy production, energy conservation programs
  • support for local industries and small businesses
  • improving relations with Manitoba’s First Nations and Métis communities
  • ensuring all children in Manitoba receive what they need to thrive and to develop into engaged, contributing citizens; beginning by fixing the problems in Child and Family Services
  • transferring education funding from property tax to income tax
  • localizing the Manitoba economy to provide greater food security and economic stability
  • ensuring that polluters pay for the transition to a carbon-free economy through the introduction of a $50/tonne carbon tax. Carbon tax revenues would be used to reduce the income tax paid by Manitobans in the bottom tax bracket, reduce the payroll tax and fund green investments.
  • introducing fare-free transit and expanding green transportation
  • weaning Manitoba agriculture off of chemical and fossil fuel dependence and investing in organic agriculture
  • preserving and restoring wetlands to prevent flooding and enhance water quality
  • placing a moratorium on new hydro dam construction and diversifying Manitoba’s electricity production by adding solar and wind generation capacity
  • opposing the TransCanada Pipeline Energy East project which threatens the water supplies of numerous communities including Winnipeg
  • protecting forests and ending mining in all provincial parks
  • improving democracy through proportional representation
  • increasing investment in preventive healthcare

The Green Platform 2016 is available for download here.