[Treaty One Territory, Winnipeg, MB] In the wake of new Public Health guidelines announced by Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin on May 7, 2021, the Green Party of Manitoba encourages Manitobans to unify over the coming weeks by adhering to the newest Public Health orders as we continue to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis.

“We recognize that Manitobans are tired, stressed, angry, and feeling uncertain in these difficult times; however Manitobans are resilient and we will get through this pandemic together,” said Green Party Leader James Beddome.

“We recognize and thank the teachers, retail clerks, medical staff, emergency services, shared health, business owners, parents, and the many, many more people and organizations that are working under enormous pressure each day to ensure Manitobans are safe and healthy,” added Beddome 

Greens are also calling on the provincial government to take further measures, including:

  • immediately moving Schools to remote learning, ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and staff until such a time that all staff have had an opportunity to be fully vaccinated; 
  • ramp up vaccinations to 20,000 doses delivered per day as previously promised;
  • increased public awareness campaigns to urge more Manitobans to get vaccinated, including a cross-partisan communication strategy; and,
  • Providing more economic support for struggling Manitobans and Manitoba businesses, including implementing a basic income.

“Since 2005 the Green Party of Manitoba has been calling for a basic income. When Pallister was first elected in 2016 he indicated that he was open to considering implementing a basic income. Right now, in the middle of a pandemic, is a perfect opportunity to implement a basic income for the betterment of all of Manitoba,” added Beddome.

Beddome reached out to the other Manitoba party leaders on May 7, 2021, urging for a show of unity across parties. No responses had been received from the other party leaders at the time of publication.



Good evening Mr. Premier, Mr. Kinew, and Mr. Lamont:

As we enter the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we see our case counts rise, I think there is a need to stand together in urging Manitobans to do the right thing in staying home, practicing the fundamentals, and following public health guidance (and even going beyond it).

We as Manitobans need to set aside partisan views (insomuch as is possible) and urge the public to comply with health orders. This is not to say that there is not more room for improvements, or that further measures are not needed; and obviously as opposition party leaders we have a duty to hold the Government to account. But as four opposing party leaders we can also stand together in a display of unity to encourage a beleaguered public to continue on with public health restrictions for just a bit longer to get through this. We are all in this together and the virus does not care what political party its host votes for.

I would be more than happy to arrange a joint virtual press conference for this weekend, or at your earliest convenience, with any or all of you.

Yours truly,

James Beddome. Leader
Green Party of Manitoba
204-995-2637 (99-JAMES)

cc: Dr. Brent Roussin,

bcc: Green Party of Manitoba Shadow Cabinet