David Nickarz
Winnipeg, March 23, 2016 – Green Party of Manitoba Energy advocate for Conservation and Water Stewardship, David Nickarz, says that a Green government would reject all projects associated with construction of the proposed Energy East pipeline.

The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM) thinks that Manitoba Hydro would help Manitobans more by investing in energy retrofitting and development of solar production, rather than quietly preparing to sell hydroelectric power to the Energy East pipeline,” Nickarz said.

Nickarz, who is the GPM candidate in Wolseley, said that Manitoba Hydro should be doing much more to assist landlords in his constituency to retrofit their buildings, and add solar, so that tenants could have lower energy bills and thus more money to spend on food and clothing.

“Part of our plan to reduce poverty in Manitoba”, stated Nickarz, “is to help low income families to spend less on energy. In contrast, the Manitoba government seems focused on wasting Manitoba Hydro resources to expand the export of Alberta tar sands production.”

Up to half of the output of Manitoba Hydro’s new Keeask Generating Station is dedicated to powering the pumping stations needed to operate Energy East in Manitoba. “This government has consistently failed to meet its own carbon-reduction targets. Plans to use Manitoba Hydro to power a project that will vastly increase greenhouse gas emissions will make it impossible for Manitoba to play its part in meeting the targets agreed to by Prime Minister Trudeau in Paris,” Nickarz said.

Nickarz said the Energy East pipeline will pose a serious threat to the water supplies of several Manitoba communities, including Winnipeg’s. “This pipeline is old, prone to leak and designed for moving natural gas. The diluted bitumen that Energy East will transport is toxic, corrosive and volatile. Any party that would allow this cannot be trusted to protect Manitobans. Sadly, neither the NDP, the Liberals nor the PCs are willing to reject this pipeline,” Nickarz said.