james beddomeMarch 12, 2016, WINNIPEG. Green leader James Beddome has been excluded from participating in Monday’s political leaders debate on CJOB Radio. The debate includes the leaders of the NDP, Conservative and Liberal Parties but organizers have refused to include the Greens.

“Greens are a growing democratic force in Canada,” said James Beddome, Leader of the Green Party of Manitoba. “It is obvious that some people do not want to hear our ideas about how to run government while simultaneously preserving the rights and freedoms of our citizens and protecting our planet. In a democratic society, all parties in an electoral race should have the right to get their message to the community. Excluding the Greens from the leaders debate is an attack on democracy.”

“Manitobans need to be able to hear what each party has to offer,” said Beddome. “The Green Party has developed an innovative platform to stabilize the economy, reduce poverty, and reduce climate change while improving the lives of all Manitobans. Greens have as much or more policy credibility than any of the parties in this election.”

“We invite all Manitobans to visit our website, call us or visit our facebook page and have a conversation with us,” continued Beddome. “One of the most common things I hear from people, once they learn Green policies, is, ‘That’s how I think!’. The Green Party is opening a lot of eyes and that worries the other parties.”

“Greens are passionate about preserving communities, protecting human rights, helping families, and creating jobs in a diverse, sustainable economy. I hope that CJOB and the Downtown Biz will include the Greens in the debate, scheduled for Monday, March 21. Give Manitobans a chance to hear what the Greens have to say and let the people decide for themselves.”