[April 7, 2021 — Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, Manitoba] Green Party of Manitoba leader James Beddome said his party is disappointed with Manitoba’s 2021 Budget.

“Budget 2021 is clearly driven by ideology rather than the needs of the people. The net result will be increasing inequality in Manitoba. This government talks about returning money to the kitchen table of Manitobans, but in the midst of a pandemic, whose kitchen table is seeing the returns? Tax cuts are delayed, and they are unlikely to get to those that need it most.” said Beddome.

“Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, is the perfect time to invest in poverty reduction, future generations will thank us for these smart and strategic investments. We believe implementing a basic income as the Greens have called on for decades is a logical starting point,” added Beddome.

Green Environment Advocate Robert Brown says that the  paltry $1.2 million dollars allocated for climate action is an insult to the people of Manitoba, and it is unclear how the Organics Green Impact Bond will be effectively executed,” adding that a carbon fee is a better place to start.    

“This government has been openly opposed to a carbon fee, but given the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling, this government should immediately implement a $100 per tonne and increasing carbon fee, and invest the revenues in reducing taxes elsewhere and investing in green infrastructure,” said Green Environment Advocate Robert Brown.

“Manitoba Budget 2021 fails to take into account the reality of the dry conditions this year, which could significantly impact the revenues of Manitoba Hydro as happened in 2005,” said Green Infrastructure Advocate Beverly Eert.

“Our homeless population has quadrupled, and it is getting harder and harder for Manitobans to find affordable housing. Twenty-two million more for rent assistance is not enough.” said Green Housing Advocate Nic Geddert.



James Beddome