In response to Premier Brian Pallister’s announcement that he will be stepping down as Premier, Green Party Leader James Beddome issued the following statement:

“I wish Premier Pallister well in his future endeavours, but I remind Manitobans that are upset with this government that it is not just the Premier, but the entire PC Caucus that needs to go. A change in leadership will not fix the misaligned ideological perspective of the PC Party. We look forward to the opportunity for change when the next provincial election is called. 

Greens will continue to push Manitoba politics forward, offering a real alternative with innovative policies. We can reduce our greenhouse gases while creating jobs. We can implement a basic income that will nearly cut poverty rates in half, improve social outcomes, and save governments money. We can move forward on reconciliation, reaching out and engaging with Indigenous Nations and peoples in partnership addressing harms of the past and making a better future for tomorrow. We can demand proportional representation for a fairer democracy. These are things Greens have been calling on for decades ahead of the other opposition parties, and we look forward to bringing this perspective into the Legislature after the next election.”