JAN. 22, 2021 [Treaty Two Territory — Brandon, MB] — The Government of Manitoba’s release of an online survey about “Recycling in Manitoba” is just another “weak attempt by the Government to appear transparent through surveys over action” says Green Party of Manitoba Environment Advocate Robert Brown.

“We must preserve and protect our environment for future Manitobans, this includes having strong waste management and recycling legislation and programming. Developing strong, comprehensive waste management and recycling legislation and programming must be made a top priority.”

The Green Party of Manitoba supports implementing a zero waste policy by 2025 and have outlined several steps that would support achieving that objective:

  • implementing province-wide collection of all organic waste for disposal, with:
    • household and local community composting to be encouraged as the best option;
    • organic waste pick-up bins to be encouraged as the second best option; and
    • compostables banned from regular pick-up;
  • incentives to encourage recycling and waste diversion;
  • incentives for enterprises that repair, reuse, and repurpose items that would otherwise be garbage;
  • an additional levy on single-use containers and other specified items;
  • a deposit return system for specified items, such as single-use containers;
  • a ban of hazardous waste from the garbage stream and convenient access todisposal sites; and
  • increasing fees for garbage dumps as well as increasing fines for illegal dumping. 

“Implementing these known solutions requires committing funding to these initiatives, not endless surveys,” added Brown.

The survey closes on February 10th, 2021, and despite its inadequacy, Brown still encourages Manitobans to complete the survey and give the Government a piece of their mind.


About Robert Brown

Robert Brown was the Green Party of Manitoba’s candidate for Brandon West in the last provincial election.
and is currently the Westman Representative on the Green Party of Manitoba Council as well as Shadow Cabinet Advocate for the Environment.  Robert currently resides in Brandon with his wife and two children. He has been a resident of Brandon for nearly 12 years, after moving from his family’s small mixed farm in Southern Manitoba to the “Big” city to attend Assiniboine Community College in the Agri-Business program. After graduating from the Agri-Business program in 2010 he has held positions with several companies in Brandon, in addition to running his own small painting business.

E: robert.brown@greenparty.mb.ca
Twitter: @Rob4Westman