Nicolas Geddert

2023 Leadership Contestant

Nicolas Geddert

Nicolas Geddert



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My fellow Greens:

I’ve represented the party in two campaigns, Elmwood (2019) and Fort Whyte (2022) campaigned for Dave, James, Francoise, and Dennis. I have been pivotal in many initiatives including: developing the IT committee, conflict resolution committee, indigenous consultation consultations, as well as supporting youth initiatives and providing opportunities for training and education with community leaders and professionals. 

I have served on a number of community boards and committees, including, like Spence Neighbourhood Association, Community Roots Resource Centre, Habitat for Humanity, built strong relationships with many community groups and non profits, and a knack for leading teams; in construction projects, youth sports, coaching and mentorship and now in politics. 

I want to lead the party to the next level; I can get CA’s operating in a few ridings, a youth movement trained in politics, and raise the stature of the party to attract high caliber candidates with chances of winning seats. I want to give members the chance to analyze green politics, to promote media literacy in the party, and provide opportunities for a diversity of membership to engage and adapt in their own political struggles. 

There is will out there for political change, economic change, and social change. We can be there for that change, be pivotal, and be authentic in our approach. We can make safe spaces for political engagement, policy development, and legislative progress for Manitobans. We can be the model for new government. We can get it together.

We can do it now.