Janine G. Gibson

2023 Leadership Contestant

Janine G. Gibson

Janine G. Gibson



Final Pitch to Members: 

I appreciate this opportunity to thank the members of the Leadership Contest Committee for their
dedicated work in this process of building new GPM leadership. Thank you to James for his hard work
and long leadership! Thank you as well to the other candidates for their caring and bravery in putting
their names out there for consideration. And thank YOU for being a member and engaging with us in
this work!

The GPM vision I hope to share and build is one of working together as a leadership team- a Leader with
3 Deputy Leaders. I trust our first team goal will be to identify and support GPM candidates in all
electoral districts across MB for this upcoming election!

I am politically active from a sense of responsibility to light a candle, not just curse the darkness, to
paraphrase Gandhi. To do that we have to work as teams, the leadership team, the Council team, the
membership team. Our GPM management teams will continue to share clear policies that reflect Green
priorities. Working together for a more equitable sharing of resources through a livable income for all,
supporting preventative healthcare to help ease the pressures of our medical system, educating for a
more fair democratic system, and activism on the climate crisis.

Thank you for being part of this movement and thank you for considering this leadership approach!

– Janine G. Gibson