Donovan McIntosh

2023 Leadership Contestant

Donovan McIntosh

Donovan McIntosh



Leadership Contest Status: Registered Contestant

Official Agent: Donald McIntosh

Auditor: Magnus LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants

Contestant-Submitted Profile:


My name is Donovan, I use they/them pronouns and I’m running for leadership of the GPM. I’m a student of, and you could say a connoisseur of all forms of political theory and strategy, and while of course I can’t subscribe to everything I read, I strongly believe in the observation, study, and practice of such theory.

I’m a member of the Green Party, on a simple premise: I believe we’re the party willing to value the future above all else. I’ve been involved in many initiatives and groups pushing for the empowerment of young people, politically and otherwise (not the least of which being the Manitoba Young Greens!), and far before that jumped at whatever environmental and animal rights issue I could take on.

My vision for the future of the party is the same as my vision for our world, which is future first. In our membership, especially as an election approaches, we must look forward in how we retain members after important events, and controversies. In our diplomacy, we must take incredible strategic care with those across the political spectrum, to put aside being “right” in the moment for what will serve our society best going forward, and see past false dichotomies. Most importantly, in our policy, I believe we must endeavour to be one step ahead of the present, with a living, breathing platform that is not reactive, but always receptive to the needs of the public and of the planet.