Dennis Bayomi

2023 Leadership Contestant

Dennis Bayomi

Dennis Bayomi



Final Pitch to Members:

Thank You’s …

As we reach the end of the Leadership race, it’s time for a few Thank You’s.

I’d like to thank …

  • All of you who’ve provided support, whether it was through your very kind words, a financial donation to the Party or joining our Party! I very much appreciate all of you for doing that!
  • The other Leadership Contestants – Donovan, Janine and Nic – for your courage and commitment to running in this contest!
  • The Leadership Contest Committee – for organizing everything including the various events/forums.
  • My Official Agent/Campaign Manager – Laura P – for your never-ending encouragement, invaluable advice and friendship.
  • Heidi, for putting up with these last few weeks and understanding the need for my “adventure”.

Going Forward …

I’ve decided to keep my name on the ballot but will be voting for Janine, who I truly believe is the best candidate to be the next Leader of our Party. I feel Janine has the depth and breadth of experience we need and will be an excellent spokesperson for our Party.

No matter the outcome, I’m looking forward to being part of a Leadership team that can help our new Leader in whatever capacity I’m able, possibly in the role of Assistant Deputy Leader. And of course, I’m looking forward to being part of the GPM Bowling Team!

Thank you.

— Dennis”