Selkirk Riding

Tony Hill


Tony (Anthony) Hill lives in Selkirk Riding with his wife, Terra, a social worker, and their teenage daughter, Maggie. New to politics, Tony served thirty years as a firefighter, protecting and ensuring the safety of communities. Since retiring as Captain with the Winnipeg department a year ago, Tony has discovered a new calling: protecting the environment and saving Lake Winnipeg and the Interlake’s wetlands.

Tony and his family have enjoyed cottage living at Lake Winnipeg for many years. Since moving from Winnipeg to the Interlake two years ago, Tony has become a keen student of environmental issues and an active member of the Green Party. With the skills, tenacity, and sense of duty of a firefighter, Tony is ready to fight for Lake Winnipeg. Never afraid to speak truth to power, Tony will represent the interests of Selkirk Riding and bring over-due attention and environmental action to our community.

Tony grew up in Dauphin, Manitoba, to parents Charles and Mary. The youngest of four children, Tony enjoyed the tight community of small-town life and spent his youth playing hockey and football. The vocation of firefighter was a perfect fit for Tony, with his love of adventure and the camaraderie of teamwork that comes with the job. A proud member of the first graduating class of Manitoba’s Emergency Services College in Brandon in 1988, the bonds Tony formed with his classmates have grown into life-long friendships.

Soon after graduating, Tony became one of the youngest recruits of the Winnipeg Fire Department, joining the service at age 22. Over a career spanning 30 years, Tony acquired a growing knowledge of technological advances in fire prevention and suppression. Applying this new knowledge to save lives, minimize property damage, and ensure the safety of his team became Tony’s mission, and he soon championed progressive firefighting techniques in his leadership role to better serve and protect the citizens of Winnipeg.

Tony has carried forward his love of learning into retirement. He is a keen student of environmental science and he is a committed advocate for evidence-based solutions, including ways to stop algae-causing phosphorus from destroying Lake Winnipeg.

As a parent, Tony knows the future is Green. Taking immediate action to address lake pollution and address our global climate crisis for the future of our children and grandchildren is Tony’s top priority.

Throughout his career as a firefighter, Tony lived and worked by a set of principles: honour your duty, fight with courage, respect one another, and never give up. As the Green Party candidate for the Selkirk Riding, you can count on Tony to put these principles into action for you.