Flin Flon Riding

Saara Murnick


Saara Murnick is a Health Care Aide, working within the Northern Health Region. She currently resides in Cranberry Portage (half an hour south of Flin Flon), with her husband, youngest child, pets,  garden & weaving loom.

Saara was born to Finnish immigrants, who met in Thompson and moved to Northwestern Ontario shortly before her birth. She grew up in mining towns, and spent her teen years heavily involved with community groups. Her family moved back to Manitoba when she was 17, and within a couple of years, she found herself gravitating towards the mining town of Flin Flon and putting down roots. For a time, Saara was a single mom with two small children. She went back to school, when her youngest was five.

Saara is passionate about the Greens’ grassroots values and vision. She believes no child in Canada should grow up in poverty, and that every child in Canada should have access to clean drinking water. She also believes that our seniors and differently abled people should be able to live comfortably, and that taxes should benefit the everyday person and not just the wealthiest few. She is committed to building a future where these things can become a reality, all while giving the earth the attention it needs so that our kids can continue to enjoy it.