The Pas-Kameesak Riding

Ralph McLean


Ralph McLean was born in The Pas, Manitoba, and grew up on an acreage where his parents owned a road construction business that serviced Northern Manitoba. He self identifies as Indigenous (Metis) and his mother is full status Rocky Cree. Ralph was a student at the University of Manitoba, and later went back to school at the age of twenty-five to get into the IT industry. He also worked in the oil and gas industry for over a decade, fighting to create stronger environmental regulations.

Ralph’s hobbies include local, northern and military history, and he enjoys writing articles for the The Pas Opasquia Times on local historical events. He spends his spare time researching those that have gone before us, and has created a cemetery database of thousands of pioneers and citizens from all over the north. He also worked with government agencies to get veteran markers for over fifty unmarked veteran graves in the region surrounding The Pas. Additionally, he researches final resting places of Residential School children, many of whom have never been located before.

Being a history buff, Ralph has scanned through countless historical documents, including old correspondence between citizens and their MPs. At the end of all these letters, elected representatives would sign their name below the line, “Your obedient servant.” Ralph is concerned that we have lost this understanding that MPs are elected to serve us, the citizens, and not their party leaders or backroom advisors. He thinks that too many citizens are afraid of their government and not the other way around. Ralph is running to serve you, not a party, and appreciates the fact that the Green Party does not whip votes and allows their MPs to serve constituents first and party second.

Ralph supports massive investment in sustainable, green energy projects, which he knows would provide long term employment to a variety of trades and businesses. He envisions northern mining projects playing a pivotal role in supporting the technology that will enable this transition, which would mean a return to the prosperity this region once had. Ralph is also a supporter of the Universal Basic Income, and the security and empowerment it would provide to those living at or near the poverty line. He is also an adamant believer in building a stronger education system and making post-secondary tuition and trades programs cheaper, to ensure everyone has the same access to opportunity. Finally, Ralph wants to see action to improve the daily lives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and to finally address the historical legacy of racism that has plagued our nation.

Ultimately, Ralph is running with the Greens because he wants to leave a cleaner and more sustainable planet for his niece to inherit. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes it perfectly clear — we must act now if we are to continue to exist on this planet as a species.

Over the coming months, Ralph looks forward to meeting the residents of The Pas – Kameesak and having meaningful discussions about the future of our region.