Elmwood Riding

Nicolas Geddert


Nicolas Geddert is running in his home neighbourhood of Elmwood for the Manitoba Green Party. Nicolas grew up in the area, attending Glen Elm elementary, Munroe Jr High, and Miles Mac Collegiate along the way. He is now a general contractor, project manager, and is active in several community roles, including sitting on the 1Just City’s fundraising committee, the Community Roots Resource Centre steering committee, and SNA’s holistic housing committee.

Nicolas passionately believes that Manitoba has the capacity to feed, shelter, and support everyone in the province. Manitoba can produce abundance, reduce stress on individuals, and ease suffering. He believes that an ethos of innovation in technology and training, of sustainable methods and materials, and of community-based strategies can achieve these goals. Of pressing concern to Nicolas are issues in foundational infrastructure to ensure a sustainable and equitable future. He recognizes that these issues cannot be solved without listening to, and mediating with, the indigenous populations of Manitoba.

Nicolas believes that we can do better for our neighbourhoods, our wider communities, and our shared environment. He will aim to build cross-party consensus to achieve these aims. His Mennonite background and living in a politically diverse neighbourhood has allowed him to develop his vision in communication with voices outside the Green Party, working from a position of dialogue and mutual understanding. He believes this background will allow him to work with MLAs from all parties to achieve the sustainable and equitable future he believes in.

Closer to home, Nicolas is focused on improving housing in Elmwood. This riding has one of the older housing stocks in the city, in urgent need of a suitable plan for improvement. Nicolas plans to invigorate this community through innovative housing production policies. Nicolas hopes the rest of the city can be set an example by genuine sustainable and innovative housing policies in Elmwood.