River Heights Riding

Nathan Zahn


Nathan Zahn is a long time advocate for ecological conservation, sustainable development and science literacy. As the Director of Science First, Nathan was one of the key organizers for the campaign to save the Experimental Lakes Area, a world renowned fresh water research area.

For the last 20 years Nathan has organized dozens of public events featuring guest speakers speaking on a range of environmental and scientific issues with the aim to inform the public and garner media attention for critical issues. As part of Nathan’s work putting on these events he has organized an effective door-to-door community outreach program distributing petitions and letter writing campaigns to tens of thousands of Manitobans.  Nathan is also a long time promoter of electronic music and digital arts through the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition, recognized for it’s cutting edge curation and programming. On the home front, Nathan and his wife Kelly are proud parents of a two-year-old boy and are expecting their second child in October of 2019.

Nathan has been fortunate to have had conversations with over 2000 people living in the River Heights riding that he is incredibly familiar with because of this effort. It is through this community outreach program that Nathan was inspired to take his ability to communicate important issues and solutions to the political sphere. Nathan’s vision for a successful Manitoba is one that uses evidence based policies to promote prosperity and ecological sustainability through bold and innovative initiatives, especially needed as the climate crisis looms large over all of us.