Notre Dame Riding

Micah Dewey

Hi there, my name is Micah Dewey, and I am running to become the next MLA for Notre Dame for the Green Party of Manitoba in the 2023 Provincial Election. Manitoba needs a fundamental change in how we operate as a province and society. For too long, the people of this province have had to hold their noses and choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to political parties, the fascist adjacent, anti-human “Progressive” Conservatives led by the corrupt, incompetent leadership of Heather Stephenson, and her predecessor Brian Pallister. And the well-intentioned but nevertheless perpetually toothless Manitoba NDP, who, like their federal counterparts, have fallen asleep at the wheel of what Canadians and Manitobans need to thrive. The NDP has taken a milquetoast approach to improving people’s lives by offering enough to ensure people suffer less, but never once attempting to remove the suffering completely.

What is this suffering? It’s economic and environmental despair.

I am here to say that a better future is possible, but we can only achieve it if we fight for it.

People are sick and tired of the corrupt establishment political forces continuing to suck up wealth from the hands of the many directly into the pockets of their corporate and, many times, foreign benefactors. We need a fundamental shift in our priorities from profit maximization to a human-centred economy of care. We need to reverse the privatization of healthcare to American business elites who want nothing more than to bleed the people of Manitoba dry while offering nothing but subpar service at increased prices. We need to end our environmental degradation and end all fossil fuel extraction and silica sand mining. And we need an education system that is compatible with the needs of a 21st Century Economy, with a massive redirection of funds from police and carceral services to education and training for the next generation.

The PCs will continue to drive our province into the dark ages. At the same time, the NDP seems unwilling to take a stand for the people of this province. Instead, they have focused more on optics and the appearance of action rather than using their platform to advocate and call out corruption. When the people of Manitoba needed a strong opposition during COVID, the MB NDP went missing. This will not happen if I am in the legislature. Whether PC, NDP or Green government, I can assure you that I will work and fight every day for a more just, equal and free Manitoba for all who call this province home. We need people in the legislature who want what is best for all Manitobans, not just some business leaders or the chamber of commerce, but the workers, students and children of this province.

I am a student, a writer, and someone who wants our province to be the envy of the country and the world. We have the people, the resources, and the dedication to make this happen. It all starts by rejecting the establishment status quo and electing Greens, who will show up every single day to make the people of Manitoba’s lives easier and better through improvements in education, labour relations, healthcare, transit and climate action, all while taking into account all stakeholders including workers, unions, indigenous groups, teachers, nurses and those in the public service.

We need to stand with all marginalized communities. Especially those facing direct threats of violence daily, those in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community face increased discrimination in Canada and around North America. We must ensure that Manitoba is a safe haven for all those fleeing oppression. We must ensure that Manitoba continues on the journey toward social justice and economic inclusion of all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, nation of birth, religion, sex, or political affiliation. Hate has no place here. Trans Rights are Human Rights.

I hope to meet all of those who live in my riding over the next several months, and I want to hear from you about what you want to see change in our community of Notre Dame, our city of Winnipeg and our province of Manitoba. Please feel free to check out my Contact page to get in touch.

If you want to get involved in local community building and improve our province with me, join the Green Party of Manitoba. We have free party memberships for Indigenous People & for Youth ages 12-30. 

Thank you for your interest.
Micah Dewey