Agassiz Riding

Liz Clayton

Liz Clayton is a food security and sustainability advocate that has lived in the Agassiz Escarpment for 15 years. In her long and varied life, Clayton has lived across Canada and overseas, but she was born in Portage la Prairie and considers Winnipeg her original hometown.

Liz holds a BA in English from the University of Winnipeg and EA accreditations from Red River College. Over the years, Liz has worked extensively in media, the arts, and food security, and notably worked at UM-FM 101.5 for several years. Liz has also raised two children, and has volunteered extensively for the CNIB and the Manitoba Heart and Stroke Foundation, and served on the boards of CJUM and GAP Programming (the Graffiti Gallery).

Since moving to the country, Liz has worked for a local diner,  a general store, Tiger Hills Arts Association and as an Educational Assistant.  Her hobbies include politics (of course!), writing, organic gardening and winter food production. In her community, she has number-checked at bingo, sat on the board of the Green Prairie Lodge, and has been a member of Country Quills writing group for ten years.

A food security and sustainability advocate, Liz and her partner grow winter greens in a minimum-energy northern greenhouse on their 31 acre wooded/riparian land just off the escarpment. She has been a member of the Council of Canadians since 1996, and the Green Party of Canada since joining the Portage-Lisgar EDA in 2009. She is the CEO of the Portage-Lisgar Federal Green Party Association.

During her time living in Agassiz, Liz has witnessed the challenges facing rural communities, farmers, watercourses and wilderness habitats. She is committed to helping her neighbours and fellow community members overcome those challenges, together.

“Most people want to leave this world a better place than they found it, but we are struggling to find a path that works for all of us. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the relentless press for progress and prosperity at the expense of local cultures, economies and ecosystems.  The time to rethink how we get things done in the country is Now. The Green Party has, is, and will always be, clear and consistent in our goal for a sustainable future. We don’t just have questions — we have answers.”   Liz Clayton