The Maples Riding

Kiran Gill

Kiran Gill is a student currently in the process of completing an early childhood education program with Red River College. She will continue with her education by attending a university in Manitoba. Kiran began volunteering with a political party because it is important to her personally as a young person to get involved in politics. Politics are what shape our livelihood and affect not only the places we live in, but also our everyday lives, which is why Kiran believes every vote and voice matters. The best way to create change is to start putting yourself out there; Kiran leads by example through the volunteer and canvassing work that she has done.

Kiran wants to be able to give voters in The Maples the opportunity to vote for the Green Party of Manitoba if they believe in or affiliate with the values and policies of the party. She wants to help guide the Green vision on addressing climate change by implementing Green solutions to change the way our cities and communities treat the environment. She believes we must restore healthcare by focusing on preventative measures, such as poverty reduction. These solutions will not be quick fixes, but in the long run they will go far in solving the problems that we are facing. Kiran sees the need for diversity in our government and a need for the representation of green voices to speak on behalf of everyday Canadians.