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Kevin Nichols


Kevin Nichols is a lifelong resident of Winnipeg, and along with his wife and three kids has called Charleswood home for over 27 years. Kevin attended Lakewood Elementary, Hedges Junior High and John Taylor Collegiate. After transferring from the University of Manitoba to Red River College, Kevin graduated with an Honours Degree in Health and Safety.

A career public servant, Kevin has spent the majority of his career serving the people of Winnipeg. He spent his first twenty-four years at Winnipeg Transit, before accepting a position as a Safety Technician with the Public Works Department. Through this experience Kevin has developed a great deal of knowledge of the inner workings of government services, and has seen first-hand how political decision-making impacts the delivery of the day-to-day services Canadians rely on.

Professional development has allowed Kevin to advance in the city with Occupational Health and Safety and Winnipeg Emergency Management. Throughout his career, Kevin has always strived to make the City of Winnipeg a better place to live and work.

Through his studies, Kevin has always had an interest in the environment and his community, volunteering for many different organizations focused on building stronger neighbourhoods and environmental stewardship. Part of being in the community as a volunteer is being a leader. Kevin took on the role of Home and School Chairperson for Ecole Dieppe for a number of years.

Kevin’s passion for football has led him to volunteer in many roles with the Charleswood Broncos from trainer to Head coach, including helping to establish an all girls league team in the area. Kevin currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Charleswood Broncos Football Club as President.

Living with Crohn’s disease for almost 30 years, Kevin has overcome the pressures of a disability both in the workplace and in public life. Kevin appreciates the efforts of health care professionals and looks to improve a system that is overburdened and continues to get worse.

Kevin would be incredibly honoured to represent the area in which he grew up and has lived most of his life, and sees running for office as a prime way to give back to a community that has given him and his family so much over the years. He looks forward to engaging with constituents during this election.