Point Douglas Riding

Jennifer Kess


Jenn is a born and raised Winnipeger. Her childhood was spent in the North End, Elmwood and North Kildonan. From a young age, Jenn recognized how inequity impacted people around her, and these early experiences grew into a passion for social and environmental justice. Jenn spent over a decade working in the food and beverage industry where she learned hard work and the skills required to interact with varied groups of people. Desiring to contribute more to the community around her, Jenn returned to school,  first completing High School at Adult Education Centre and then earning a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba. Jenn has been involved as a volunteer at community events, Winnipeg Street Census, the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, and currently works in the healthcare field.

Jenn is running for office because she wants to fight to have your voice and the concerns of this community represented. As a long-time resident of Point Douglas, concerns like substance use, access to treatment, safety, affordable housing and social inequity are not talking points that exist outside of a bubble, but right outside her front door. Jenn recognizes that many of the issues facing our community are systemic and are the aftermath of colonial and often racist and sexist policies. Help and healing for this community will not come from blaming or shaming people, but through collaboration and innovative approaches that listen and make space for people with lived experience.

Jenn recognizes that our environment is integral to life, and without a commitment to fight for Mother Earth, we will eventually lose everything. It is hard to fight for environmental justice when choosing between buying groceries and paying the bills and that should not be the case. This why we need better policies to address poverty while making it easier for you to make choices that will leave a brighter, healthier environment to the children of tomorrow.