St. James Riding

Jeffrey Buhse

P: 431-374-5943


Jeff Buhse works at the University of Manitoba for the Student Accessibility Services, where he trains students with various disabilities on the technology required to help remove the barriers that they face in a learning environment. Jeff is currently assisting the U of M in meeting its requirements for digital accessibility under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA). In addition, Jeff was a member of the Information & Communication Standard Development Sub-Committee of the AMA, helping draft the standard for all Manitobans.

Jeff has played an integral role as the North American delegate on the Lutheran World Federation Working Group on Climate Justice, advocating at several of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties, including COP21 held in Paris, France, in 2015 where he witnessed the signing of the Paris Agreement.

Jeff’s wife runs a small business in St. James and he sees every day the importance of building a strong, diverse, local economy. He is also an avid cyclist and sees the necessity of a well-designed community that supports active transport and healthy, sustainable communities.

Jeff is passionate about the arts and has been an active member of the Riel Gentlemen’s Choir for several years (including acting as the chair of the board). He has a shih tzu named Pancakes and enjoys taking in the public green spaces offered in Winnipeg.