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Jason Smith


Jason Smith is a proud Manitoban who cares deeply about the future of our province. Jason grew up in Garden City and the North End and has always been happy to call Winnipeg home. He studied English at the University of Manitoba, before changing paths to pursue a career in IT. He received a diploma in Business Information Technology from Red River College and now works in the web industry, leading a team of infrastructure specialists.

Jason strongly believes that climate change is the most pressing political issue of our time. He believes that tackling this problem is critical to the future of our community, as well as our economy. Jason knows that solving these problems is necessary, and also an opportunity to re-invest in and transform our economy to meet a changing world.

Jason is a supporter of evidence-based policy and incentive-based approaches to government. Jason strongly feels that lower barriers to quality education are vital to preparing our youth for a workplace increasingly dominated by automation. He is an advocate for more and greener infrastructure that will provide the foundation for our province’s economy. He wants a government that will support and incentivize businesses that are serious about investing in green technology, and in their people. Jason knows that making good investments in these areas is necessary, and at the same time will help to build a vibrant economy for a new and greener world.