Steinbach Riding

Janine Gibson


Janine Gibson is an agricultural consultant with 30 years experience in promoting more resilient solutions to operations management. She studied psychology and English at the University of Winnipeg and human ecology at the University of Manitoba. She is the owner/operator of Creative Health Consulting.

Since 1997, Janine has gained valuable experience writing and updating the Canadian Organic Standards as a member of the Canadian General Standards Board Organic Agriculture Technical Committee. She now represents the Manitoba Organic Alliance, which she co-chairs. She is a founding member of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba and current Executive Secretary and past president of Canadian Organic Growers, her favourite registered charity.

As the Green Party of Manitoba’s Steinbach candidate, Janine plans to use her experience to bring important perspectives on resilience to government discussions and policies. She is passionate about using resources wisely and being truly conservative in that regard. She believes that the wise use of resources can be applied to building teams capable of addressing current challenges today, without borrowing from our children’s futures. Green policies can ease the short-term pain of transition for long term gains.

Having travelled widely as a consultant, Janine has seen the many benefits of the resilient use of resources to strengthen local communities like Steinbach, as well as the severe consequences of resource depletion and misuse. This inspires her to work diligently in educating her fellow citizens about how choices impact both our quality of life and our environmental footprint. In listening to the concerns expressed about economic barriers that challenge healthier choices, Janine has confidence Green policies will inspire local employment and redistribute wealth fairly.

Janine is a proud mother and grandmother, and lives with her grandson and partner. She looks forward to working on behalf of all her constituents to build policies that address core issues like housing, poverty, healthcare and of course environmental justice!