Waverley Riding

James Ducas


James has been working as a clinical research professional in Winnipeg since 2016. He has lived in Winnipeg for most of his life, earning a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Winnipeg before completing a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Queen’s University.

James is especially concerned with the challenges that are inherent in creating a compassionately motivated and evidence-based healthcare system. His education gives him an appreciation for the fact that for no healthcare system would be complete without including support for mental healthcare and addiction services, and his experience conducting research in Winnipeg’s hospital system has provided him insights into how complex questions regarding the promotion of human health are answered. As your MLA, James would advocate for a healthcare system that promotes a happy and equitable society, and relies on scientific evidence for guidance and decision-making.

James joined the Green Party of Manitoba because he believes that climate change represents a pressing challenge to the wellbeing of Manitobans, and that without substantial and immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions the difficulties that climate change presents to his fellow citizens will increase with each passing year. He believes that the current priorities of all levels of Canadian government are not reflective of the seriousness of this issue, and as such, he is committed to making Manitoba a world leader in the development and implementation of a carbon-neutral economy.