Red River North Riding

Graham Hnatiuk


Graham Hnatiuk is a farmer, artist, and environmentalist, who is currently running a third generation market gardening farm and spray-free CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) program with his father in East St. Paul. Their farm focuses on sustainable farming methods and promoting biodiversity with permaculture systems thinking. Earlier this year, Graham made the choice for the family business to go plastic-free, a change that has been well-received at the local East St. Paul Farmers’ Market. The family farm has set an internal goal to be carbon neutral within five years.

Graham studied Ecology for several years at the University of Manitoba, though had to eventually stop in order to overcome mental health challenges. It is with this lived experience that Graham strongly supports mental health programs, social justice values, equality, and the power of investing in and supporting local communities.

Graham believes that leading by example is the best way to show that there are ways to transform our status-quo culture, not only for the benefit of our planet, but also to show what is possible if we simply dare to imagine alternative solutions. When he isn’t farming, Graham is a local artist and musician based out of Winnipeg.