St. Vital Riding

Elizabeth Dickson

Elizabeth got involved with the Green Party of Manitoba as a volunteer and her involvement quickly turned into a desire to run as a candidate.


She is inspired by the Green Party’s platform and its representatives. The Green Party of Manitoba’s representatives are truthful, honest, and energetic people. They are realistic about how to tackle climate change; whereas other parties are lacking in legislation and policies. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has given us 12 years to cut our emissions by a half. Given that Canada ranked 10th highest worldwide for carbon emissions in 2017 (World Economic Forum), Elizabeth believes we must vote for a party that takes climate change seriously in such a dire time.

Elizabeth recognizes that Canada is lagging behind in terms of curbing its carbon emissions. She sees large advances in solar and sustainable energies in countries like India, China, and Saudi Arabia and believes that our government, of all stripes, has created stagnation on a budding financial opportunity that’s growing and needed.

She considers our current electoral system of first-past-the-post to be a broken system that has allowed ill-suited individuals to represent our population where there is a field of better qualified and visionary citizenry that could guide our province and country in a promising direction. Elizabeth will represent St. Vital ethically and with prudence.

Her degree in psychology and as an English language teacher has taught her compassion, fairness, and faith in the human condition.