Kirkfield Park Riding

Dennis Bayomi


Dennis is honored to be the Green Party’s nominee to represent Kirkfield Park. Born and raised in Winnipeg’s inner city, Dennis moved with his family to Westwood in his late teens and has lived in St. James or Westwood for the past 40 years.

A proud graduate of Gordon Bell High School where he excelled in math and computer science, Dennis went on to earn his undergraduate honors degree in computer science at the University of Manitoba. He spent the majority of his working life at the UofM Bannatyne Campus, primarily as the medical faculty’s computer coordinator and later as a data management analyst for the longest running Canadian health study. During this time he also earned his MSc in community health sciences with a focus on obesity and aging. In recent years, he also became the faculty’s research data administrator, providing data management support services for numerous heath researchers.

Since leaving the UM, Dennis formed his own web security/data management consulting business and helps his wife Heidi with information management for her business. For several years, he has also operated a web-based business providing marketing services for restaurants around the world.

A vegan for the past 25 years, Dennis has long appreciated the impact of our food choices on our health, the environment, and on the animals themselves. Having spent many years interacting with a global community of vegan physicians, dietitians and researchers, Dennis has been an advocate for the adoption of vegan diets in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Many hundreds of lives and millions of dollars could be saved every year if we adopted some of these principles as part of a Manitoba preventative health strategy.

Dennis has been a grassroots activist ever since hearing Ralph Nader speak in the 1980s and subsequently meeting him several years later. He’s been active with a number of environmental and social organizations and projects, serving on the boards/steering committees of the Manitoba Eco-Network, Computers for Charities, Friends of the Winnipeg Public Library, Basketballs for Inner City Kids, Winnipeg Vegetarian Association, Computers for Inner City Kids, and the Vegetarian Union of North America. He’s an avid basketball, hockey and football fan, having coached basketball at Kirkfield-Westwood Community Centre and at Rossbrook House for over a decade.  In the last few years, he’s also been actively organizing Gordon Bell alumni to re-connect with the old school and with one another, establishing several endowment funds and prizes for students and programs at Gordon Bell.

Dennis brings a fresh view to politics in our province, with innovative ideas for addressing issues as diverse as the meth/opioid crisis, reducing social inequality, transforming  our health care system, promoting gardening and tree planting, incentivizing the use of electric vehicles, and addressing the impacts and causes of climate change. He looks forward to working with the Green Party team and with residents of Kirkfield Park to make our community healthier, safer and greener.