Turtle Mountain Riding

David Neufeld

David grew up in a unique household led by his father, a farmer and church leader, and his mother, who was an early feminist. David spent time working for Manitoba Hydro as a lineman, but set out to study political science at the University of Waterloo in Ontario and to explore the world. During his time at university, David met his partner Maggie. David went on to work with the Mennonite Central Committee for 10 years, providing relief, service, and peace advocacy to communities affected by poverty and military rule.

David and Maggie returned to Manitoba and settled in Boissevain, where they raised a family together and created the small rural business Room to Grow. David and Maggie’s business, through its guesthouse and greenhouse, focuses on hosting people interested in sustainable living and economic fairness. Through his business, David has hosted more than one hundred young aspiring farmers; teaching them about the basics in gardening, fencing, and wood cutting. David has been involved in many organizations as a volunteer and as a board member; providing leadership to organic and small farm movements, regional heritage, local farmers’ markets, community economic development, and emergence of the Green Party.

David has traveled to many different countries and regions around the world and has a result has learned about various cultures and political systems. This allows David to bring a unique and culturally rounded perspective to the table. David hopes to turn his passion for sustainable living and economic fairness into political action as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.