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Bryanne Lamoureux

Bryanne Lamoureux grew up in the small town Ile des Chênes with her Franco-Manitoban family. Living in the country surrounded by farming led her to care deeply about the environment, and how people interact with it on a regular basis in order to live.


While finishing high school, Bryanne began to travel the world in search of different ways of life. She traveled to Rwanda, to various countries in Europe, and to South American countries such as Nicaragua and Peru. This travel led Bryanne to realize that if she isn’t satisfied with how things are at home, it is her responsibility to do something about it and change things.

As a result, Bryanne decided to get involved with the Green Party of Canada during the 2015 federal election. In 2018, she was elected the Manitoba representative on the Young Greens Council of Canada, where she has had the opportunity to encourage more young people to get involved in politics through her position as Chair of the Campaigns Committee. In November of that same year, she was elected as a member at large on the Green Party of Manitoba’s Executive Council. Bryanne has since taken on various roles with the Green Party of Manitoba, including volunteer coordination, and writing monthly newsletters. She has also started a student group at the University of Winnipeg for young people who are interested in getting more involved in Green politics.

Bryanne is currently about to enter her last year of her undergraduate studies, where she will earn an Honours degree in Environmental Studies focused in Urban Environments, and a BA in Sociology. This past year, she was hired as a research assistant for the Environment and Society Research Group at the University of Winnipeg, where she is contributing to research projects focused on how climate change influences natural resource industries and Indigenous communities across Canada.

Bryanne has decided to run as a candidate for the Green Party of Manitoba because she believes it is important for more young women to get involved in politics, as it is a voice that is lacking in our current elected assembly. She has also seen that when Greens get elected to government, they act as a crucial voice of reason within a system that continues to maintain a “business as usual” attitude, even in the midst of crises like the climate crisis. Bryanne hopes to one day bring that reason into the Legislative assembly of Manitoba through evidence-based policies created in consultation with those most affected by the realities of our society.