Lagimodière Riding

Bob Krul

Bob has been married for 37 years to his wife Cory, and they continue to share their family life with three successful Winnipeg entrepreneurs in various professional capacities. As the small business owners of Cornelia Bean Ltd. for fifteen years, they know the importance of having healthy, locally informed customers in a competitive market.


As the founder of Boreal Wildcraft Tea Co., Bob knows the importance of sustainable and ethical harvesting of herbs and berries from the wild, and listening to insight from experts who live in the communities where harvesting is taking place. As a social enterprise, supporting women, families, and communities is part of their mandate.

Bob is the former honorary consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and as a result has been part of the exchange of technology and sharing of best practices between countries, industries, and service boards. He recognizes the importance of sharing information and marketing high technology solutions for waste and water problems with local communities.

He currently serves as president of the Dutch Canadian Society of Manitoba, working to solve the challenging task of preserving culture and integrating history and tradition into new environments. Bob recognizes this task as an important goal to all immigrants. His focus in his role as president is to make dreams happen and facilitate understanding, while helping to find solutions to technological problems.