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Andrea Shalay


Andrea Shalay is a committed community builder and has worked for years to ensure Winnipeg neighbourhoods are safe and affordable. Through her work in property management, as a long-time member of the West Broadway Community Organization and as an engaged neighbour, she has connected with people across the city to tackle a wide-range of issues. Her annual BBQ is legendary for bringing together a diverse group of community members and leaders.

Andrea has a Master’s in Political Science from the University of Guelph, where she researched how media impacts our perceptions of identity and belonging. She is passionate about inclusive societies, and has actively worked to bring together cultural and faith groups. Multiculturalism also inspires much of her published writing.

Growing up on a small organic farm in northwestern Ontario, Andrea feels a strong connection to land, and acknowledges she is a beneficiary of colonialism. With every organization she is involved, Andrea pushes to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. She sees this as an essential first step towards building a just and equitable society for all Canadians.

Andrea is ready to work within the political system that exists, to transform it into one that is truly inclusive and where every vote counts. With education and training in conflict resolution, and experience living and working across different cultures, Andrea is committed to working with all elected representatives to push for real solutions before partisanship.

Andrea currently sits on council for the Green Party of Manitoba as Chair of Communications, and as Democracy Critic.