2021 Annual General Meeting and Council By-Elections

Executive Council By-Elections Candidates


Due to vacancies having arisen since the last Executive Council elections in 2020, this AGM will include By-Elections for the positions of Membership Coordinator, President, South-Eastern Manitoba Regional Representative, and Treasurer.


After applications being open for two months (17 November 2021 to 14 January 2022), Only one candidate has stepped forward for each by-election.


Below, you will find the names and bios of the four candidates. Please review them briefly prior to voting. Once ballots are sent out, you will be given the option to vote yes or no on each candidate.

Membership Coordinator

Dennis Bayomi


I’m very pleased and honored to submit my name as candidate for GPM Membership Coordinator.

I’ve been a member of GPM since Spring 2019 and have participated on the Recruitment-Training-Retention (RTR) Committee for the past two years and also volunteered on campaigns during the last provincial election.

Although I’ve only served as interim GPM Membership Coordinator since Jan 1/22, I bring experience from over the years in similar roles with a number of other organizations.

I look forward to working with all of you to help build and engage our membership, ensuring a solid base for the upcoming provincial election in Fall 2023 and beyond.


Hello all lovely Manitoba Greens! My name is Pearson Singbeil Montgomery (they/them) and I am very pleased to introduce myself to all of you as a Candidate in the By-Election for GPM President.

I am a 19 year-old (almost 20 – will be by the AGM) Green from Treaty-One Territory (Winnipeg), residing in the Tuxedo Constituency.

I joined the GPM to volunteer on David Nickarz’s Campaign in August 2019, and was welcomed by the culture, ideals, and atmosphere of GPM. Though the party was small at the time, I was inspired by the potential I saw in this lovely group of people to affect big, positive, societal change; and I decided to become more active with the party to help make that happen.

Since then, I became the first ever Youth Representative on Executive Council, and from there went on to create and co-chaired the Youth Development Committee, overseeing a major organizational review which has lead to the first free youth membership policy for a Manitoba political party and a thriving community of dozens of new, active youth members, ready to step up as we form a solid by-youth-for-youth movement in the GPM as the Manitoba Young Greens.

Through this work, and in working as interim President the past few months, I have seen many other avenues for growth and improvement in this party, and in running for President I hope to continue to facilitate that growth, through democratic engagement of our members and rejuvenation of our documents.

Pearson Singbeil Montgomery


South-Eastern Manitoba Regional Representative

Blair Mahaffy


These are challenging and interesting times for the Green Party. I watched this year’s drama at the federal level with a sense of horrified interest. I was sure of two things: that the grassroots consensus-building philosophy of the Greens, unique among Canadian political parties, is worth protecting and nurturing, and that smaller organizations including provincial parties, EDAs, and provincial riding associations are vital to Green success.

As CEO of the federal Provencher Green EDA, I’ve observed that there is a lot of overlap between federal and provincial efforts in Manitoba, and while they are different organizations, I believe we benefit when we work together to support and encourage each other. Communication needs to be nurtured and actively practiced. Further, riding associations need to have clear support, not edicts, from the central party organization.

Sustainability is important to me. As a “lake” kid, I developed early a sense of respect for healthy forests and clean water. As a prairie dweller, I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the health of Lake Winnipeg, our watersheds, and our ground water. I’m an advocate of political sustainability via proportional representation. As a white male former Winnipegger, and now a neighbour of Shoal Lake 40 living on Treaty 3 land, I’m aware that sustainable social justice requires that I listen and learn. As a software developer whose customer base is small businesses, economic sustainability is important too.

I live in West Hawk Lake with my partner of 16 years and her husband in a committed poly triad.



I am a semi-retired Farmer/Certified Financial Planner, husband, father and grandfather.

I have accumulated years of business and financial knowledge and welcome the opportunity to be a part of environmental and social change in our province.


Dan Yarema