Greens in 3rd place, ahead of Liberals, according to post-debate poll

Asked who they will vote for, respondents to last night’s Mainstreet/Postmedia Survey put the Green Party of Manitoba into third place. Responses were as follows: PC 47 % NDP 23 % Green Party 8 % Liberal Party 5 % Undecided 17 % Green Leader James Beddome was the only participant to receive a net favourable rating from viewers (that is, more favourable ratings than ... Read More »

Manitoba NDP Climate Change Failures

Not only has the Manitoba NDP Government failed consistently to meet its own carbon emissions targets, it has actually made things worse on the environmental front. Greens James Beddome and Dave Nickarz explain how. Read More »

Manitoba Greens unveil Platform 2016

Winnipeg, April 5, 2016 – Manitoba Green Party leader James Beddome unveiled his party’s platform, one which he said would support economic growth, poverty eradication and sustainable environmental practices. “In this election we are offering the people of Manitoba bold ideas,” Beddome said. “We aim to eradicate poverty while promoting green economic development and environmental protection. The challenges that confront ... Read More »

Beddome: “When you vote Green, we all win!”

Addressing a standing room only crowd at the Disability Matters Election Forum, Green Leader James Beddome urged the audience to vote for a “new voice and real solutions” on April 19th. “You’re going to have people try to scare you, trying to fear-monger you that you shouldn’t vote Green. Well I would say this: Green is the strategic vote if ... Read More »

Smells Like Green Spirit

Winnipeg, April 1, 2016 — “Politics in Manitoba are stuck in the 1990s, even as this election takes us to 2020. So, in the spirit of April Fool’s Day we are releasing a remake of the classic 1991 Nirvana song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’,” says Green Party of Manitoba Leader James Beddome. The parody entitled “Smells Like Green Spirit” was ... Read More »

Greens will ban mining and logging in provincial parks

Dauphin, March 31, 2016 — “A Green government would ban mining and logging in provincial parks,” said deputy Green leader Kate Storey, who is contesting the provincial election in Dauphin constituency. “Our parks were created to preserve biodiversity and provide Manitobans with a place to relax, and to enjoy and learn about the wilderness,” Storey said. “And yet our 14 ... Read More »

Greens Pledge to Eliminate the Education Property Tax

Winnipeg, March 30, 2016 – A Green government would eliminate the education property tax, says James Beddome, leader of the Green Party of Manitoba. “The current system for funding education creates severe inequities, both for students and for property taxpayers,” Beddome said. “Greens would bring greater fairness to both the tax system and the education system by funding education from ... Read More »

The Green Plan to save Manitoba’s Great Lakes and prevent flooding

Dauphin, Manitoba, March 29, 2016: A Green government would direct Manitoba Hydro to reduce water levels in Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg by one foot in order to restore water quality and help prevent  flooding. “Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba are in serious trouble. Water quality has deteriorated, shorelines are eroding and the fisheries, wetlands and communities that depend on ... Read More »

For action on poverty, vote Green

March 23, 2016: In his concluding remarks at the Make Poverty History election forum, Green Party leader James Beddome explained how electing Greens would strengthen the struggle against poverty. To watch the entire debate, go here. To learn about the Green plan for a guaranteed annual income, go here. Read More »

Green Party would stop the Energy East pipeline and help Manitoba families save on their energy bills

Winnipeg, March 23, 2016 – Green Party of Manitoba Energy advocate for Conservation and Water Stewardship, David Nickarz, says that a Green government would reject all projects associated with construction of the proposed Energy East pipeline. The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM) thinks that Manitoba Hydro would help Manitobans more by investing in energy retrofitting and development of solar production, ... Read More »