The Responsible Economy is efficient. It relies on non-polluting systems and energy sources. Our goal is to create high value jobs in renewable tech, support small business and maintain labour standards in an economy which respects the limits of nature.

Local Communities are healthy. Our goal is to focus on public wellbeing by creating safe and affordable neighborhoods, reliable healthcare and an excellent education system that will prepare our children for the future.

True Democracy listens. Our goal is to switch to an honest electoral system which reflects the true will of Manitoban voter and prevents partisan power grabs.

You deserve political representation that makes you proud of the choice you made on Election Day. Its time to vote Green!





(WINNIPEG) Green Party of Manitoba Leader James Beddome says that the Government of Manitoba’s Speech from the Throne yesterday offers little more than the recycling of old promises by a tired government.  

“There was only a passing mention of environmental issues in today’s Throne Speech. The Government suggests that building new hydroelectric dams will address climate change, but addressing climate change means fundamentally altering how we operate as a society,” said Beddome. 

The Green Party of Manitoba has a broad array of policies intended to deal with climate change, including:

  • Improving inter-city bus transportation;
  • Making public transit fare-free in urban centres;
  • Promoting the use of fuel efficient vehicles;
  • Incentives for renovation of existing residences to green building standards;
  • Ensuring all new homes are energy efficient and equipped with a 3 kilowatt micro-generation power system; 
  • Promoting organic agriculture; and, 
  • Establishing a carbon tax to reduce emissions, along with a rebate to those with low incomes. 

Beddome was also critical of the Government’s handling of poverty issues in Manitoba.  


“This Government has barely increased social assistance rates since they it took office over 15 years ago. We have among the highest child poverty rates in the country. A Green government would work towards ensuring a guaranteed basic income for all ManitobansThe Government’s ‘get a job’ approach to dealing with social assistance recipients outlined in today’s Throne Speech fails to recognize that a high proportion of the recipients are single parents, and those living with a disability,” said Beddome


According to a fall 2013 Government of Manitoba report reviewing income available to employment and income assistance participants, 57.9% of the average number of monthly cases in 2011 were for individuals with disabilities, with a further 23.1% of average monthly cases being single parents.


A basic income is an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without a means test or work requirement. At the 15th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network held at McGill University in Montreal this past June a group of academics and activists, supported the Green Party of Manitoba and Canada, in calling for a Basic Income of $20,000 for all Canadians. 

Beddome is Back:

Former Party Leader Elected Again, and Policies Passed to Protect Manitobans from the Energy East Pipeline

The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM) elected a new Executive Council at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday, including the election of former Party Leader James Beddome back to his former position after stepping down a year prior.