Friday , 22 May 2015

Green News

Provincial Budget Fails Manitobans

Winnipeg, April 30, 2015: Green Party of Manitoba Leader James Beddome comments on the 2015 Provincial NDP Government's budget.

by James Beddome, Leader, Green Party of Manitoba Building a sustainable Manitoba requires a provincial budget that taxes things we do not want, like pollution, and removes taxes on things that we do want, such as job creation. This budget fails in both respects. This Government brags about new water treatment investments related to CentrePort Canada, yet for decades we ... Read More »

Beddome: The NDP done very little about poverty


Winnipeg, April 23, 2015: Green Party of Manitoba Leader James Beddome took part in today’s Make Poverty History Rally at the Manitoba Legislature and spoke about some of the measures the provincial government must do to prove it is serious about reducing poverty in Manitoba. Joining him was Green Party candidate in Wolseley, David Nickarz. Read More »

Energy East – Our risk, their reward

Source: National Energy Board

The Energy East pipeline is being pushed onto the people of Manitoba in spite of growing concerns. The project will see millions of litres a day of diluted tar sands bitumen pushed through an aging pipeline, all the way to Canada’s east coast where 75% of it will then be shipped overseas. It will result in little economic activity for ... Read More »